Pascal 2015真题

1. The value of img1 is

(A) 1        (B) 5        (C) 2        (D) 7        (E) 0

2.       img2Which of the following figures is obtained

when the shaded figure shown is reflected

about the line segment PQ?


3. If 8 + 6 = n + 8, then n equals

(A) 14          (B) 22          (C) 6          (D) ) 2          (E) 9

4. Which of the following numbers is greater than 0.7?

(A) 0.07     (B) - 0.41      (C) 0.8       (D) 0.35      (E) - 0.9

5. The expression img4 is equal to

(A) 4.12     (B) 4.309       (C) 4.039      (D) 4.012       (E) 4.39

6. The average age of Andras, Frances and Gerta is 22 years.

img5What is Gerta’s age?

(A) 19         (B) 20        (C) 21

(D) 22         (E) 23

7. If n = 7, which of the following expressions is equal to an even integer?

(A) 9n         (B) n + 8         (C) n2       (D) n(n - 2)          (E) 8n

8. Jitka hiked a trail. After hiking 60% of the length of the trail, she had 8 km left to go. What is the length of the trail?

(A) 28 km    (B) 12.8 km   (C) 11.2 km   (D) 13 img6km   (E) 20 km

img79. In the diagram, line segments PQ and RS intersect at T.

The value of x is

(A) 30      (B) 20       (C) 40

(D) 50     (E) 35 

10. The value of img8 is

(A) 21             (B) 22            (C) 23          (D) 24           (E) 25 


img1011. Jim wrote the sequence of symbols                           a total of 50 times. How many more    symbols than symbols did he write?

(A) 50       (B) 150       (C) 200        (D) 250        (E) 275

12. What is the smallest positive integer that is a multiple of each of 3, 5, 7, and 9?

(A) 35      (B) 105      (C) 210      (D) 315       (E) 630

13. Sixteen squares are arranged to form a region, as shown.

Each square has an area of 400 m2 . Anna walks along

the path img11 formed by the outer edges of the region

img12exactly once. Aaron walks along the path img13 formed by the inner edges of the region exactly once. In total, how far did Anna and Aaron walk?

(A) 160 m      (B) 240 m     (C) 320 m

(D) 400 m      (E) 640 m

14. The operation is defined by a b = img14. What is the value of 4 8?

(A) img15        (B) 1          (C) img16         (D) 2         (E) img17


15. At the end of the year 2000, Steve had $100 and Wayne had $10 000. At the end of each following year, Steve had twice as much money as he did at the end of the previous year and Wayne had half as much money as he did at the end of the previous year. At the end of which year did Steve have more money than Wayne for the first time?

(A) 2002       (B) 2003      (C) 2004      (D) 2005      (E) 2006

16. Anca and Bruce left Mathville at the same time. They drove along a straight highway towards Staton. Bruce drove at 50 km/h. Anca drove at 60 km/h, but stopped along the img18way to rest. They both arrived at Staton at the same time. For how long did Anca stop to rest?

(A) 40 minutes   (B) 10 minutes   (C) 67 minutes

(D) 33 minutes   (E) 27 minutes

17. In the diagram, six identical circles just touch the edges of

rectangle P QRS and each circle just touches the adjacent circles. The centres T, V, W, Y of four of these circles form

a smaller rectangle TV W Y , as shown. The centres U and

img19X lie on this rectangle. If the perimeter of T V W Y is 60, what is the area of PQRS?

(A) 600       (B) 900        (C) 400

(D) 1200     (E) 1000

18. In a magic square, the numbers in each row, the numbers

img20in each column, and the numbers on each diagonal have the same sum. In the magic square shown, the sum a + b + c equals

(A) 49        (B) 54         (C) 47

(D) 50       (E) 46

19. Krystyna has some raisins. She gives one-third of her raisins to Mike. She then eats 4 raisins, after which she gives one-half of her remaining raisins to Anna. If Krystyna then has 16 raisins left, how many raisins did she have to begin?

(A) 42         (B) 54        (C) 60         (D) 84         (E) 108

20. Andr´e has an unlimited supply of $1 coins, $2 coins, and $5 bills. Using only these coins and bills and not necessarily using some of each kind, in how many different ways can he form exactly $10? 

(A) 10          (B) 9            (C) 8           (D) 7          (E) 6

21. Each diagram shows a triangle, labelled with its area.


What is the correct ordering of the areas of these triangles?

(A) m < n < p              (B) p < n < m             (C) n < m < p

(D) n < p < m              (E) p < m < n

22. The chart shown gives the cost of installing carpet in four rectangular rooms of various sizes. The cost per square metre of installing carpet is always the same.


What is the value of z?

(A)       331.25               (B) 463.75              (C) 1815.25     

(D) 476.00              (E) 1261.40

23. How many triples (a, b, c) of positive integers satisfy the conditions 6ab = c2 and a < b < c 35?

(A) 10           (B) 8           (C) 6           (D) 7            (E) 9

24. Paula, Quinn, Rufus, and Sarah are suspects in a crime. The police found links between exactly four pairs of suspects: Paula and Quinn, Quinn and Rufus, Rufus and Paula, and Quinn and Sarah. These links can be shown in a diagram by drawing a point to represent each suspect and a line or curve joining two points whenever the two corresponding suspects are linked. An example of a drawing that represents this

information is:


Ali, Bob, Cai, Dee, Eve, and Fay are suspects in a second crime. The police found links between exactly eight pairs of suspects: Ali and Bob, Bob and Cai, Cai and Dee, Dee and Eve, Eve and Fay, Fay and Ali, Ali and Dee, and Bob and Eve. For

how many of the following drawings can the six dots be labelled with the names of the six suspects so that each of the eight links given is represented by a line or curve in that drawing?


(A) 4             (B) 2            (C) 1           (D) 3            (E) 5

25. The first four rows of a table with columns V , W, X, Y , and Z are shown. For each row, whenever integer n appears in column V , column W contains the integer 2n + 1, column X contains 3n + 1, column Y contains 5n + 1, and column Z contains 7n + 1. For every row after the first, the number in column V is the smallest positive integer that does not yet appear in any previous row. The integer 2731 appears in column W. The complete list of columns in which 2731 appears is

img25(A) W

(B) W, X, Y , and Z

(C) W, X and Z

(D) W, Y and Z

(E) W and Z