Problem 1

At Euclid Middle School the mathematics teachers are Miss Germain, Mr. Newton, and Mrs. Young. There are 11 students in Mrs. Germain's class, 8 students in Mr. Newton's class, and 9 students in Mrs. Young's class taking the AMC 8 this year. How many mathematics students at Euclid Middle School are taking the contest? 

(A) 26        (B) 27        (C) 28        (D) 29       (E) 30


Problem 2

If                       for a, b positive integers, then what is 5@10 ? 


Problem 3

The graph shows the price of five gallons of gasoline during the first ten months of the year. By what percent is the highest price more than the lowest price?

(A) 50      (B) 62      (C) 70      (D) 89      (E) 100


Problem 4

What is the sum of the mean, median, and mode of the numbers 2, 3, 0, 3, 1, 4, 0, 3 ? 


Problem 5

Alice needs to replace a light bulb located 10 centimeters below the ceiling in her kitchen. The ceiling is 2.4 meters above the floor. Alice is 1.5 meters tall and can reach 46 centimeters above the top of her head. Standing on a stool, she can just reach the light bulb. What is the height of the stool, in centimeters?

(A) 32    (B) 34     (C) 36     (D) 38      (E) 40


AMC8 2010年真题